12 Classic and Modern Romantic Hairstyles

Romantic Hairstyles - Classic and Modern

We all know that our personal style choices – clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, etc. - can set the mood for an event.

Donning a well-fitted, professional suit can inspire the self-confidence you need to ace that job interview. A bold, fashion-forward look can empower you to step out onto the dance floor when you might otherwise feel too shy to leave the wall. And supportive, comfortable workout-wear can make or break your decision to go to the gym in the morning.

Romantic occasions are no exception. Particularly those that are destined to become treasured, lifelong memories.

Here are some timeless hairstyles, along with their modern variations, that are perfect for Valentine’s Day and other romantic events.

Romantic Styles for Long Hair

Long Hair - Classic Romantic Style

1. Long Hair: Classic Romantic

These simple, long layers beautifully frame any face-shape. The gentle wave suggests an element of “effortlessness,” while the healthy shine proves the time and care you have put into your lovely locks.


Long Hair - Modern Romantic Style

2. Long Hair: Modern Romantic 

This similarly effortless style presents a contemporary take on the classic long-layers. The multi-dimensional colors and varied layer-lengths provide a subtle hint of disarray, just enough to send the irresistible message: “I can’t help but be beautiful.”

Romantic Styles for Medium-Length Hair

Medium Hair - Classic Romantic Style

3. Medium Hair: Classic Romantic

This shoulder-length look offers the perfect blend of classic sophistication. Combining a youthful volume and shine with a mature elegance, this timeless style fits any romantic occasion.


Medium Hair - Modern Romantic Style

4. Medium Hair: Modern Romantic

Want to add a trendy twist to that classic sophistication? Just throw in some layers and a beach wave.

Romantic Styles for Short Hair

Short Hair: Classic Romantic Style

5. Short Hair: Classic Romantic

Short hairstyles can be both charming and romantic. Soft waves with swooping bangs can frame your face in such a way that the attention is drawn straight to your eyes – the proverbial windows to your soul.


Short Hair - Modern Romantic Style

6. Short Hair: Modern Romantic

A tousled shag adds a fun, flirty factor to the short ‘do. The controlled chaos of this “bedroom” look is both seductive and playful. In a word: romantic.

Romantic Up-Dos

Up-Do - Classic Modern Hairstyle

7. Up-Do: Classic Romantic

The simple, soft bun is a timeless wedding staple. Transforming your look from formal to fun with one simple outfit change, this versatile up-do is suitable for any romantic occasion.


Up-Do - Modern Romantic Hairstyle

8. Up-Do: Modern Romantic

Add some bounce, curl, and tousle to your bun for a sexy update to your up-do.

The Romantic Bob

Bob - Classic Romantic Hairstyle

9. The Bob: Classic Romantic

The classic bob is adaptable to any face shape. Simple, fun, and feminine, the bob is a beautiful option for both short and medium hairstyles.


Bob - Modern Romantic Hairstyle

10. The Bob: Modern Romantic

By playing with angles, lengths, and colors, you can easily modernize the bob for a super-stylish (yet still romantic) statement.

The Romantic Ponytail

Ponytail - Classic Romantic Hairstyle

11. The Pony: Classic Romantic

If you think pony-tails are limited to casual events, think again. With soft, careful curls, this refined, romantic up-do uncovers your face, as well as any adorning jewelry (e.g., earrings, necklace).


Ponytail - Modern Romantic Hairstyle

12. The Pony: Modern Romantic

The long, straight pony offers a sleek, contemporary alternative to the classic curls.


Whether classic or modern, the most important factor in choosing your style - as well as your romance - is that you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable.


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