Popularity Ratings

What are Popularity Ratings?

Popularity ratings are a unique product ranking feature available only to Max Wigs & Hairpieces visitors.  Popularity ratings are based on a proprietary combination of sales volumes, customer satisfaction results, and seasonal style trends.   We've provided this tool as a way for our customers to visually see at a glance how the products we offer compare and rank.   We highly suggest you take these ratings into account when placing your order.   The higher the rating displayed, the more confident you can feel with the brand, style, and overall satisfaction you can expect from the product.   Please be aware that ratings may change as new style trends are introduced or as seasons change based on customer demand.  New products released will always begin with low ratings until momentum develops for these styles.   Ratings should not be used as a final judgment against a style or brand because there are many factors which may increase or decrease the ratings of a product and we cannot determine if that particular style is suitable for a specific customers' needs. We hope you find this feature helpful while shopping with us and value any and all feedback you may have.   If you have any suggestions about how we may improve our service to you, please let us know via phone or email to hello@maxwigs.com

Thank you for shopping with us!